Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Global Dashboard Pokes UNPOL/UNMIT in the eye: again.

From those that brought attention to the UN's most useless document. Read here.......Blue Helmets and Brown Leaves.

It would seem that not only are UNPOL of suspect quality in building a reliable PNTL police force but it is also a failure at planting trees.

This tree planted by UNPOL Police Commissioner L. Carrilho died shortly after being given planted.  Lets hope his water works more magic on PNTL than it did on this sapling.

Carrilho - Pictured to the left with reliably sinister Police boss General Longuinos, and SRSG of Funny Hats Atul Khare it is a winning combination.  UNMIT has an executive policing mandate and a serious human rights mandate but could not keep Maternus Bere from being snatched from Becora by Jendral Longuinos cronies at Big Xanana request to be deposited safely into the hands of his friends in Farol...  They remain virtually mute....

Oh well, maybe the tree will sprout roots and grow, likely not - but we can hope for the best, or just decide to wear a Funny Hat and hope the sun does not shine to bright on all these Dili "dodges".