Friday, September 25, 2009

Lets Talk about Rice Baby, Lets Talk About you and Me. From 120,000 tonnes to 200,000 tonnes.

The Minister of Rice Version 2.o (the first being Senhor Bano) is in Vietnam while the Bere Scandal unfolds in Dili. While attention is elsewhere, massive contracts are being signed, for equally massive amounts of rice. The rice is worth between 60,000,000 and 180,000,000 USD depending on the deal that was struck. Emphasis on "deal".

While the President, Provedor, Media, Opposition have all called for a review/investigation into last years rice deals, more rice deals are being inked. All under the nose of Ho Chi Minh a good capitalist if ever there was one.

Vietnam knows how to spot a Petro Fund which is ripe for picking (looting).

Above: interesting how Joao Meco - a lawyer from Oecusse, who works for Wiranto has a cheeky thing to add.

Perhaps we will be seeing more scenes like this in Dili harbour in 5 months time?

One has to wonder if there will be another ricegate story with contracts like this being signed again, and then trebled at the last minute.

Is there a Food Crisis? Last year the rice was bought the mitigate a food crisis - or was it about politics.....

VN doubles exports of rice to Timor Leste


HA NOI Vietnamese companies will double their exports of rice to 200,000 metric tonnes to Timor Leste next year, under an agreement signed yesterday in Ha Noi by Viet Nam's Ministry of Industry and Trade and the country's Minister of Tourism, Trade and Industry. All rice eaten in Timor Leste is imported. The two ministers also agreed to start negotiations on a bilateral trade agreement.

They have encouraged companies and associations to promote bilateral
economic and trade activities.

Increasing cooperation is also sought in energy, petrol, mining and
forestry. VNS