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COO Sutera Talks of Development after a Civil War.

The Chief Operating Officer for Sutera Harbour talks about the Tasi Tolu Development.  350-1000 room hotel wil a gold course, hillside villas and other sundry luxury facilities.

Also mention of a Water Park - in one of the driest parts of the city.   The part of the video which relates to Timor starts at 4 min 40 secs. Interestingly he describes the occupation as a "civil war".

SHR Interview from Tourism-Insider on Vimeo.

Bere, Free At Last.

Oct. 30 2009 - 11:16 pm
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Indonesia brought home a suspected militia leader accused in a massacre of dozens of women, children and priests in a church in East Timor a decade ago, the Foreign Ministry said.

Maternus Bere arrived in Indonesia on Friday and was taken to a hospital with undisclosed health problems, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Teuku Faizasyah. He faces no charges in Indonesia and will be a free man after treatment.

An Indonesian national, Bere was indicted by UN prosecutors in 2003 on charges of crimes against humanity, including murder, persecution, forced disappearances, torture, extermination and abduction.

More than 1,000 people were killed by pro-Indonesian militias when East Timor voted to break from Indonesia in 1999, but more than 300 suspects remain at large, most of them in Indonesia. Leaders from both countries oppose criminal trials so rights activists have called for the establishment of a UN tribunal.

Bere was recognized during a visit to Suai, the town where the massacre took place in September 1999, and was arrested by Timorese police in early August.

He was handed over to the Indonesian Embassy at Jakarta's insistence after negotiations between the two governments on Aug. 30, the 10th anniversary of the tiny country's vote to become an independent state.

East Timor's Supreme Court is investigating whether Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao violated the constitution by ordering Bere's release.

Judges say political leaders illegally bypassed the courts with the release, highlighting the continuing challenge to establish an independent and viable judiciary after the tiny state broke from hundreds of years of colonialism in 2002.

Associated Press

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rubber, Banana, Zenilda and Tan Sri Datuk Eugenio Campos - Make up Your Own Mind

wideform and the govt


"Take a Bite of Banana", Banana.

Removed on request.

Cristo Rei

From a reader:

"This is the 'Beautification of Cristo Rei' project.

The fresh paint is nice and bright, but the rubbish left behind is even more colorful.  Of course the rains will wash that away, but then it will make an encore visit on the beaches and on the reefs. 

There used to be quite a lot of trees on the beach and along the steps, but perhaps those are just too messy. 

And there is currently a very large pile of broken marble from at the base of the statue...I can only hope this doesn't get pushed over the side too. 

Guess it's time for the UN to schedule one of those clean up days again......but not until the beautification project is complete....that's when it will really be needed."

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Merpati Deemed Unsafe to Fly by European Commission

Which airlines can you trust?

Travelbite logo

Aviation has been struck by severe turbulence in 2009 - with the financial woes generated by the global recession compounded by sustained assaults on the environmental sustainability of the industry.

But - while the IATA has warned airlines could lose over £9 billion over the course of the year, and the UK's Committee on Climate Change suggesting air travel may have to be rationed in order to survive - it is safety which has generated the greatest concern for passengers.

Crashes over the Atlantic (Air France) and in New York (US Airways), have focused public attention on safety in the skies - prompting many to ask how safe it really is to fly?

European Commission
But what many do not realise is the extraordinary amount of work which goes on behind the scenes to protect their safety.

A lot of this work is carried out in the sober corridors of the European Commission, which regularly audits airlines from around the world to ensure they meet the exacting criteria necessary to fly European citizens. Airlines which fail to make the grade will simply not be allowed to fly in European airspace.

"We cannot afford any compromises in air safety, we have to remain vigilant; citizens have the right to fly safely every where in the world," explains commission vice-president Antonio Tajani.

The first line of defence against potentially unsafe airlines is the Commission's blacklist - which details all airlines barred from European airspace. While largely composed of African and Asian airlines, there are also a number closer to home:
Name of the legal entity of the carrier State of the operator
Ariana Afghan Airlines (AFG)* Afghanistan
Aerojet Angola
Air26 Angola
Air Gemini Angola
Air Gicango Angola
Air Jet Angola
Air Nave Angola
Alada Angola
Angola Air Services Angola
Diexim Angola
Gira Globo Angola
Heliang Angola
Helimalongo Angola
Mavewa Angola
Rui & Conceicao Angola
Sonair Angola
Aero Benin Benin
Africa Airways Benin
Alafia Jet (IGA) Benin
Benin Golf Air Benin
Benin Littoral Airways (BLA) Benin
Cotair Benin
Royal Air Benin
Trans Air (TNB) Benin
Siem Reap Airways International (SRH) Cambodia
Air Koryo (KOR) Democratic People's Republic of Korea
Africa One (CFR) Democratic Republic of Congo
African Air Services Commuter Democratic Republic of Congo
Aigle Aviation Democratic Republic of Congo
Air Beni Democratic Republic of Congo
Air Boyoma Democratic Republic of Congo
Air Infini Democratic Republic of Congo
Air Kasai Democratic Republic of Congo
Air Katanga Democratic Republic of Congo
Air Navette Democratic Republic of Congo
Air Tropiques Democratic Republic of Congo
Bel Glob Airlines Democratic Republic of Congo
Blue Airlines (BUL) Democratic Republic of Congo
Bravo Air Congo Democratic Republic of Congo
Business Aviation Democratic Republic of Congo
Busy Bee Congo Democratic Republic of Congo
Butembo Airlines Democratic Republic of Congo
Cargo Bull Aviation Democratic Republic of Congo
Cetraca Aviation Service (CER) Democratic Republic of Congo
CHC Stellavia Democratic Republic of Congo
Comair Democratic Republic of Congo
Compagnie Africaine D'aviation Democratic Republic of Congo
Doren Air Congo Democratic Republic of Congo
El Sam Airlift Democratic Republic of Congo
Entreprise World Airways Democratic Republic of Congo
Espace Aviation Service Democratic Republic of Congo
Filair Democratic Republic of Congo
Free Airlines Democratic Republic of Congo
Galaxy Kavatsi Democratic Republic of Congo
Gilembe Air Soutenance Democratic Republic of Congo
Goma Express Democratic Republic of Congo
Gomair Democratic Republic of Congo
Great Lake Business Company Democratic Republic of Congo
Hewa Bora Airways (ALX) Democratic Republic of Congo
International Trans Air Business Democratic Republic of Congo
Katanga Airways Democratic Republic of Congo
Kin Avia Democratic Republic of Congo
Kivu Air Democratic Republic of Congo
Lignes Aeriennes Congolaises (LCG) Democratic Republic of Congo
Malu Aviation Democratic Republic of Congo
Malila Airlift (MLC) Democratic Republic of Congo
Mango Aviation Democratic Republic of Congo
Piva Airlines Democratic Republic of Congo
Rwakabika Bushi Express Democratic Republic of Congo
Safari Logistics Sprl Democratic Republic of Congo
Safe Air Company Democratic Republic of Congo
Services Air Democratic Republic of Congo
Sun Air Services Democratic Republic of Congo
Swala Aviation Democratic Republic of Congo
Tembo Air Services Democratic Republic of Congo
Thom's Airways Democratic Republic of Congo
Tmk Air Commuter Democratic Republic of Congo
Tracep Congo Aviation Democratic Republic of Congo
Trans Air Cargo Services Democratic Republic of Congo
Transports Aeriens Congolais Democratic Republic of Congo
Virunga Air Charter Democratic Republic of Congo
Wimbi Dira Airways (WDA) Democratic Republic of Congo
Zaabu International Democratic Republic of Congo
Cronos Airlines Equatorial Guinea
Ceiba Intercontinental (CEL) Equatorial Guinea
Egams (EGM) Equatorial Guinea
Euroguineana De Aviacion Y Transportes (EUG) Equatorial Guinea
General Work Aviacion Equatorial Guinea
Getra - Guinea Ecuatorial De Transportes Aereos (GET) Equatorial Guinea
Guinea Airways Equatorial Guinea
Star Equatorial Airlines Equatorial Guinea
Utage – Union De Transport Aereo De Guinea Equatorial Guinea
Ecuatorial (UTG) Equatorial Guinea
Air Services Gabon
Air Tourist (Allegiance) (NIL) Gabon
Nationale Et Regionale Transport (Nationale) (NRT) Gabon
Nouvelle Air Affaires Gabon (NVS) Gabon
Scd Aviation Gabon
Sky Gabon (SKG) Gabon
Solenta Aviation Gabon Gabon
Air Pacific Utama Indonesia
Alfa Trans Dirgantata Indonesia
Asco Nusa Air Transport Indonesia
Asi Pudjiastuti Indonesia
Atlas Delta Satya Indonesia
Aviastar Mandiri Indonesia
Balai Kalibrasi Fasitas Penerbangan Indonesia
Cardig Air Indonesia
Dabi Air Indonesia
Deraya Air Taxi (DRY) Indonesia
Derazona Air Service Indonesia
Dirgantara Air Service (DIR) Indonesia
Eastindo Indonesia
Ekspress Transportasi Antar Benua Indonesia
Gatari Air Service (GHS) Indonesia
Indonesia AirAsia (AWQ) Indonesia
Indonesia Air Transport (IDA) Indonesia
Intan Angkasa Air Service Indonesia
Kal Star Indonesia
Kartika Airlines (KAE) Indonesia
Kura-Kura Aviation Indonesia
Lion Air (LNI) Indonesia
Linus Airways Indonesia
Manunggal Air Service Indonesia
Megantara Airlines Indonesia
Merpati Nusantara Airlines (MNA) Indonesia
Metro Batavia (BTV) Indonesia
Mimika Air Indonesia
National Utility Helicopter Indonesia
Nusantara Buana Air Indonesia
Nyaman Air Indonesia
Pelita Air Service (PAS) Indonesia
Penerbangan Angkasa Semesta Indonesia
Pura Wisata Baruna Indonesia
Republic Ekspress (RPH) Indonesia
Riau Airlines (RIU) Indonesia
Sampoerna Air Nusantara Indonesia
Sayap Garuda Indah Indonesia
Smac (SMC) Indonesia
Sriwijaya Air (SJY) Indonesia
Survei Udara Penas Indonesia
Transwisata Prima Aviation Indonesia
Travel Ekspress Aviation Service (XAR) Indonesia
Travira Utama Indonesia
Tri Mg Intra Airlines (TMG) Indonesia
Trigana Air Service (TGN) Indonesia
Wing Abadi Nusantara (WON) Indonesia
Air Company Kokshetau (KRT) Kazakhstan
Atma Airlines (AMA) Kazakhstan
Berkut Air/Bek Air (BKT) Kazakhstan
East Wing (Airline) (EWZ) Kazakhstan
Sayat Air (SYM) Kazakhstan
Starline KZ (LMZ) Kazakhstan
Air Manas (MBB) Kyrgyz Republic
Avia Traffic Company (AVJ) Kyrgyz Republic
Aerostan (Ex Bistair-Fez Bishkek) (BSC) Kyrgyz Republic
Click Airways (CGK) Kyrgyz Republic
Dames (DAM) Kyrgyz Republic
Eastok Avia Kyrgyz Republic
Golden Rule Airlines (GRS) Kyrgyz Republic
Itek Air 04 (IKA) Kyrgyz Republic
Kyrgyz Trans Avia (KTC) Kyrgyz Republic
Kyrgyzstan (LYN) Kyrgyz Republic
Max Avia (MAI) Kyrgyz Republic
S Group Aviation Kyrgyz Republic
Sky Gate International Aviation (SGD) Kyrgyz Republic
Sky Way Air (SAB) Kyrgyz Republic
Tenir Airlines (TEB) Kyrgyz Republic
Trast Aero (TSJ) Kyrgyz Republic
Valor Air Kyrgyz Republic
Silverback Cargo Freighters (VRB) Rwanda
Air Rum, Ltd (RUM) Sierra Leone
Destiny Air Services, Ltd (DTY) Sierra Leone
Heavylift Cargo Sierra Leone
Orange Air Sierra Leone Ltd (ORJ) Sierra Leone
Paramount Airlines, Ltd (PRR) Sierra Leone
Seven Four Eight Air Services Ltd (SVT) Sierra Leone
Teebah Airways Sierra Leone
Air West Co.Ltd (AWZ) Sudan
Aero Africa (RFC) Swaziland
Jet Africa Swaziland (OSW) Swaziland
Royal Swazi National Airways Corporation (RSN) Swaziland
Scan Air Charter Ltd Swaziland
Swazi Express Airways (SWX) Swaziland
Swaziland Airlink (SZL) Swaziland
One Two Go Airlines Company Limited (OTG) Thailand
Motor Sich Airlines (MSI) Ukraine
Ukraine Cargo Airways (UKS) Ukraine
Ukrainian Mediterranean Airlines (UKM) Ukraine
Volare Aviation Enterprise (VRE) Ukraine

Can Airlines be Redeemed?
The European Commission argues one of the principal benefits of its blacklist – other than keeping Europeans out of unsafe planes - is the encouragement it offers to prohibited airlines to reform.

"The list acts a strong incentive to remedy safety deficiencies; withdrawal from the list is indeed possible, when the parties concerned put effectively in place sound corrective action to comply with all relevant safety standards," explained the Commission.

The most recent list, for example, saw four Indonesian airlines - Garuda Indonesia, Airfast Indonesia, Mandala Airlines and Premiair – removed from the list following "significant" safety improvements by the Indonesian civil aviation authority.

Safe to Fly
So then, with unsafe airlines banned and others encouraged to improve, European travellers can be reassured of their safety. Indeed the aforementioned Air France crash aroused such high levels of concern because it involved a flag-carrying European airline. Crashes involving such respected aviation companies are simply not supposed to happen.

But it is likely the event was the exception which proved the rule, with the European Commission acting to prevent unsafe airlines even offering their services on the continent.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Worst Oil Spill Ever?

Full story here.

Environmental DISASTER: This is the Timor Sea in October 2009

On 21 August 2009 a Thai owned and operated oil rig in the Australian section of the Timor Sea experienced a major blow out.

After two months of spewing crude oil and other junk into the Timor Sea it is not appearing as though considerably more effluent has been dumped into the Timor Sea than the operator was admitting too - only after several failed attempted at plugging the blowout 2.5 km below the seabed.

Two fellow bloggers know much more about it than the DI - check them out 1) Return to Rai Ketak and 2) Skytruth.

Check out the Corporate Social Responsibility page for PTTE the operator in question.  Geez.  Planting trees again.....

UN Protect Environment By Deeding Scrap Metal to Timor

Ya, right.  Check out Google Earth and look at the UN junk sitting in Western Dili since 2003.

Friday, October 23, 2009

From SATMI to Commander: Give me the money up front. Hilarious.

Stuff for Jendral Longuinos

The people that sell this equipment move in the same circles as people who sells guns.

All photos from a FRETILIN Member of Parliament's facebook page.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

UNMIT Mentors?

Indo Ambo

Indo Ambassador Dili Oct 2009 on Twitpic

Claim illness and Get a Get Out of Jail Free Card.

What do they all have in common.

They are all accused of serious crimes, and the case of Rai Los and Rogerio Lobato they are convicted of these crimes.

However, in order escape the natural course of justice they are all given their freedom.  And they all spend time in the medical system of a foreign country, courtesy of the government of 
Timor-Leste in order to walk free.  The Government now says poor Bere is ill and needs to go home for medical care.

This country is really becoming something of a joke.  

Too bad the joke is in such poor taste.

Chinese Junk

Sent in by a reader:

"This is an example of standards for decommissioned generators in China. You can clearly see that decommissioned generators (such as the ones purchased by the Government in Guandong Province) cannot be used to generate power for domestic areas.

Perhaps the Parliamentarians should read through some of the reports mentioned in this letter, who knows perhaps they might find the Sulzers and the PC4 decommissioned generators that CNI22 purchased.

The pertinent part of the translation is: "....same set of facilities have been confirm decommissioning and suspended by National and Province."   Further that in relation to the equipment in question, referred to as "abandoned decommissioned generator", "The successful bidder shall not reinstall the machine and its facilities or generate electricity in domestic area."

It seems scrap metal in China was deemed good enough to bring over to Timor-Leste, just as we and NGO's have been saying.

A present from Kota Kinablu