Thursday, August 7, 2008

Do you think he is contemplating making a run for Thailand once landing in Indonesia?

Rai Los - In Prison Circa July 2008

Back in the Good Old Days

Left to Right. Americo Lopes Director of Pualaka Petroleo married to the woman on his right Lucia Lobato. Lobato is Minister of Justice. Pualaka allegedly does pretty well on Justice Contracts. In the middle is Zacarias da Costa Minister of Foreign Affairs. He does pretty well too on other things so some say. To his left is Milena Pires. On a consultancy in the Ministry of Finance run by a relative of hers. To the far right is Mario Carrascalao. The god father of the PSD scene. Probably now wondering what the younger generation is up to. I guess the same as him when he was younger. Making hay while the sun is shining bright.

Prezidente Confusao \ Presidential Confusion

Office of the President of the RepublicCommunique
6 August 2008
Yesterday, the 5th day of August, his excellency The President of the Republic departed on an official visit to China and the Phillipines. Prior to his departure, he delivered a speech to the nation, in which he informed them that he would await the decision of the Court of appeal regarding a request for a ruling as to the constitutionality of the Law on the Revised Budget, before making a decision on whether or not to promulgate it. In a spirit of solidarity for the government and given the fact that he would be absent from the country, The President of the republic, Dr. José Ramos-Horta signed the said law, so that in case it may have been favourably decided, the Office of the President of the Republic could have proceeded with the promulgation in his absence. For this reason, The President of the Republic left very clear instructions to his office to send the law for publication only if the decision of the Court of Appeal declared that the law was in conformity with all the requirements of the constitution. By mistake, the Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic caused to be sent to the National Parliament yesterday afternoon, after his departure, and the National Parliament, in turn, sent the document immediately to the Printer for publication. In light of this mistake, the Presidency of the Republic presents its apologies to the Nation. (END) (Note: This is an unofficial translation of the original Portuguese text. The sender does not accept responsibility for any mistakes or inaccuracies in the translation. Persons relying on it should verify the translation through an independent source.) --
Dili, 6 de Agosto de 2008
Comunicado Ontem, dia 5 de Agosto corrente, a Sua Excelência o Presidente da República deslocou-se, em visita oficial, à China e Filipinas.Antes da sua partida, proferiu um discurso à Nação, onde informou que aguardaria da decisão do Tribunal de Recurso quanto ao pedido de fiscalização abstracta de constitucionalidade da Lei sobre o Orçamento Rectificativo, para posteriormente decidir sobre a sua promulgação.Num espírito de solidariedade para com o Governo e dado ao facto de se ausentar do país, o Senhor Presidente da República, Dr. José Ramos-Horta, assinou a referida lei, para que caso viesse a decidir favoravelmente sobre a sua promulgação, o Gabinete da Presidência da República assim procedesse mesmo na sua ausência.Neste sentido, o Senhor Presidente da República deixou instruções bem claras ao Gabinete para que se enviasse a lei para publicação somente se a decisão do Tribunal de Recurso declarasse que a lei está em conformidade com às normas constitucionais.O Secretariado da Presidência da República, por lapso, fez seguir o documento para o Parlamento Nacional, ontem a tarde, após a sua partida, e o Parlamento Nacional, por sua vez, enviou o documento de imediato para a Gráfica para publicação.Perante este lapso, a Presidência da República apresenta as suas desculpas à Nação.