Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gun Tax?

Read the attached very carefully - you will find that the Government has slid in an excise for importing weapons and munitions into Timor-Leste. Is it legal yet for civilians/non government or PNTL / FDTL to import weapons and munitions into the country.

As advertised in the national newspapers a couple of days ago

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Malaysia and Dili – DEFENCE MOU

Malaysia and Timor dance in an ever closing circle.

First it was an Alkatiri brother being appointed to be Ambassador to Malyasia.

Then it was Malaysian assistance to train the now disgraced Police Reserve Unit / Unido Reserva Patrulhomento (URP). Once upon a time ago the Rapid Response Unit (RDS). The brain child of the Rasputin of UNMISET. An Indian chap who comes and goes from Dili.

Not much longer after that on 21 May 2004 Malaysia delivered 200 HK 33s for the UPR for free. See what happened to them at

Then in 2005 Malaysi gave FFDTL 32 Handalan military trucks. You know then ones… that nearly kill once in a while you if you drive Dili streets. These trucks provided via DRB-DEFTECH, one o South East Asia’s largest military equipment manufacturers.

DEFTECH have a yard in Dili. Delta Comoro…

Since at least 2005 Timorese defence types are feted at the big Malaysian defence Lankawai Arms Fair every year. In which DEFTECH is a major participant.

The don’t forget that PETROTIL, the soon to be unveiled Timorese State Oil Company is sort of modelled after Petronas – which is angling in on pipeline type stuff in Dili.

Oh yes who came in 2006 alongside Australian lead JTF 631 intervention force. A fair number of Malaysian soldiers.

Then lets not forget the Malaysian Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) being tested in Timor-Leste in July 2008.

Maybe something to do with the DEFTECH / Malaysia MOU with Timor-Leste signed in 21 April 2008 around the time of the Langkawi Arms bazaar....

There also a retired Malaysian LTC in UNMIT defence circles in Dili as well.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ai Kamelli: The Ancient Riches of - Powerful People - Oops Timor!

This is an old tale dating from 2005. Before the oil money came along all there was was what quiuck cash was Sandalwood. Just ask Elle Sette and Rogerio Lobato. But this tale is not of them. It is an odd one. Where cashier seems to close the till on his own fingers.

It is about one Pedro Lay. A battery dealer (now Minister of Infrastructure - or are their two Pedro Lays?

It is also about the former Prime Minister, Minister of Agricultura and now FRETILIN Deputado.

Our friend and former top civil servant in the Veterans Office, Bonifacio Magno also seems to have made some money. If of course any of this is true....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Xanana and Mugabe: Shop in the same Places?

What do Xanana and Mugabe seem to have in common?

The both apparently buy military equipment from a Chinese company called Poly Technology. Unless of course there could be two Poly Technology in China. This is possible guess. It is big place. But Timor-Leste is such a small place.

Public officials spending public money.

I wonder where the 28 million is going to come from? Surely not the Petroleum Fund. What the budget... for anyway?

TL needs to control its waters - but at the expense of the FUND? And owing China big?
Any chance there are kick backs back handers osan foer on this? just email if you have some info
UNMIT Media Review 15 April 2008

Government to buy warships – The State Secretary for Defence, Julio Thomas Pinto, said the Government has decided to buy warships for the F-FDTL Navy to control illegal fishing activities in the coastal area of Timor-Leste. "The Government through the department of Defence has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with a Chinese company, Poly Technology, to start ship construction for F-FDTL," said Mr. Pinto after signing the MOU on Saturday (12/4) in the Government Palace, Dili. Mr. Pinto also said that the construction will be started next month and will finish in the following year. "Once the MOU is implemented, 30 F-FDTL members will receive training from Chinese shipping companies in China," added Mr. Pinto. The Government recently allocated $28 million to buy the two ships. The warships will be used to control the marine resources. (STL),25197,23547135-31477,00.html