Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prezidente Horta Hasoru TT iha Lisboa - Rezultado La Iha.


Timor's first mega-project annouced by the AMP Government.

Here is the link for the company involved.

The Chinese Nuclear Industry 22nd Construction Company -


This is the largest project ever to be undertaken in Timor-Leste. Electrification is good. However, was there an environmental impact assessment done. If not - VERY bad. If it was done where is it?

Lots of information not really available......

Keep in mind - this is the most political project in Timor-Leste since the Indonesian invasion. Whoever provides power to the villages wins election after election after election...... except of course in areas where the power plants are....

This project will cost maybe as much as $500,000,000 to $1,500,000,000. It seems possible does not appear in any budget that has been passed by Parliament. Is that legal?.... Where will the funds come from? Certianly not taxes. Suppose it is another Petro Fund withdrawal.

Timor can expect a tidal wave of Chinese workers, materials, prostitutes, criminals, engineers, restuarants, and more "My Flower Bars"....

The Foreign Ministry was but the beginning. Welcome to the future. According to CNI website it also builds bridges, tunnels, hotels, airports, stadiums .......

Dili, 24 October, 2008

East Timor to Electrify the Nation

The Government Spokesperson, Mr. Agio Pereira, Secretary of State for the Council of Ministers, today announced the Government has kept it's promise to electrify the nation.

Pereira said, `The Government has reached a milestone in our development by committing to investing in vital core infrastructure that will transform every aspect of our social and economic fabric. We are responding to the urgent and critical needs of our people, many of whom have no access to electricity.'

`If we have any hope to transform Timor-Leste from a developing nation to a developed nation, we must build the foundations that can ensure a better future. Electrifying the nation launches a new era in Timor-Leste and will mark the beginning of real progress."

Today marked the official signing of the Government contract to build the Nation Wide Electrical Grid and power Plant. Construction is anticipated to be a two year multiphase process, with 13 districts having 24 hour power by the end of year one and by the end of year two, all sub districts in Timor-Leste will have access to 24 hour power.

Under the contract, two power plants will be built, one in Manatuto with a 120 megawatt capacity and one on the South Coast with a capacity of 60 megawatts. The total capacity was calculated to meet the forecasted growth catering for the development of a cross section of industries including, but not limited to, the budding petroleum industry, the tourism industry, trade, commerce and agriculture.

The three and half months tender process saw 15 international companies bid for the contract. One company failed to qualify because of late submission. From the final 14 companies, nine did not comply with the full proposal and five were shortlisted as satisfying terms of reference.

The shortlisted companies were submitted to a committee which included the National Procurement Director, one international advisor representing the Ministry of Finance, one international advisor representing the Ministry for Infrastructure and two electrical engineers commissioned as independent international consultants, one from Indonesia, and one from Singapore.

When evaluating responsiveness to satisfied criteria, two companies were ultimately considered meeting all outlined objectives, criteria, and terms of reference of the original tender. The awarded company is due to manage the facilities for a term of five years while training 150 Timorese on the management of the systems. After a five year period of capacity building, the Timorese will fully run operations.

A contract evaluation team of five, contracted from PLN Engineering, Indonesia, worked in tandem with the senior legal advisor from the MOF to negotiate the terms of the contract. The contract was awarded to Chinese Nuclear Industry 22nd Construction Company.

Pereira closed by saying, "This is a recognized dream led by the Prime Minister himself, Xanana Gusmo. He believed that the people of Timor-Leste deserved the rights afforded to other independent nations and that power was fundamental to our future livelihood."

For further information please contact:
Mr Agio Pereira
Government Spokesperson
+670 7230011
SOURCE: Government of Timor-Leste

Sunday, October 26, 2008

SCOPE Public Relations - on the payroll of of the Ministry of Finance?

Se mak lakon kilat saida - - - - - Who lost what gun?

This is how PNTL counted its missing guns in January 2007.

Interestingly, all the police who could not account for their weapons properly remain..... in uniform and have been promoted or moved sideways.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Are SMS Made from a Government Phone Public or Private?

A bit of a scandal is brewing. Minister of Justice has been caught out seemingly organising Ministry tenders/contract via SMS with friends - press got a hold of it and she is threatening to sue for breach of privacy...

Well it seems that this Government phone was being used for private financial gain at the cost of the public purse....

Read them for your self.


The Face of Hercules: Gangster Turned Good?

Ever wonder what the famous Hercules looks like?

Rosario Hercules Marcal 18 Junho 08 Timor Post.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

A vision of Tasi Tolu 2020?

Club Med - Tasi Tolu?

So Club Med comes to Tasi Tolu? Or is it just another bogus deal? Or is Club Med a bad idea anyway?

This past weekend on TVTL it was announced that a Malaysian company call Sutera Harbour http://www.suteraharbour.com/ have presented to the government a plan and schedule to build a 5 star hotel in the lake of Tasi Tolu, and a new Parliament in 2009.

Seems the owner of Sutera Mr. Datuk Ong has friends in Government. Wonder who?

Tasi Tolu has water and power problems. Is the idea feasable? Will the residents get jobs? Were they asked? What happens to power and water supply for residents. Get better or wrose?

I wonder how the hotel guests will feel sitting next to F-FDTL? Or will F-FDTL be moved to better place?

Finally – who owns the land anyway?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

5 years to Enforce Contracts

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tafui & Tres Amigos: Oil and Rice: Confusion: or Smoke and Mirror?

Some time ago there was a polemic about a sole source 14 million rice contract to a political ally of the PM. See the contract here http://wikileaks.org/leak/xanana-vp-cnrt-rice-contract.pdf

In response to his critics the PM attacked FRETILIN sole source contracting - including from fuel from Tafui Oil.
Then there was some back and forth on whether or not to honour a contract with Tafui. Seemingly the Minister of Finance elected not to pay. There was a court case which Tafui might have won, but the Govt is appealing. Seems the Govt owe Tafui $1.7 million but reportedly do not want to pay as it was a FRETILIN contract.
All very confusing really when one looks at the Government Purchase order with Tafui as above which was signed by the PM himself last November. Some months after his government came to power. It is in fact and AMP contract and not a FRETILIN contract.
Confused? You should be. What really is the truth? Read the Purchase Order. Ask a few questions and make up your own mind. But it is alot of public money.
Then again were Tafui watering down the diesal as the Government reportedly alleges. Either way it is all being done and sorted on the quiet - with public money. Not good.

Tau Matan Ba PNTL

a) Fatima Motu Mali, PNTL Sub-Inspector; Suspended for suspicion of misappropriation of Joint Command per diems
b) Fatima Mendon~a, PNTL Sub-Inspector; Suspended for suspicion of misappropriation of Joint Command per diems
c) Antonio de Sa, PNTL Inspector, Commander of CSP; Suspended for suspicion of misappropriation of Joint Command per diems
d) Paulo Assis Eelo, PNTL Sub-Inspector,. Deputy Commander of CSP; Suspended for suspicion of misappropriation of Joint Command per diems
e) Honorio Sarmento, PNTL Agent,Head of Logisticsof CSP;I Suspended for suspicion of misappropriation of Joint Command per diems
f) Agapito Monteiro, Head of Operations Division; Suspended for suspicion of misappropriation of Joint Command per diems
g) Tobias Saldanha, Head ofPersonne1 Division; Suspended for suspicion of misappropriation of Joint Command per diems
h) Patricio de Jesus, PNTL Sub-Inspector, Commander of Suai District; Suspended tanba nia estraga feto PNTL karik.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fancy Dress

Not all bad news. Well at least the Palacio Governo has had a major face lift in the last year.

Blue and Green - Presidential Colours?

On national Television President Ramos-Horta announces the new AMP Government in August 2007.  Note the imagery.  The President flanked by the National Police Chief Afonso de Jesus and Defence Chief Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak.  Ruak and de Jesus were of course engaged in a massive gunfight between the PNTL and FDTL HQ in central Dili just 14 months prior to this. Buddies after all.

Hmmm - Pualaka and Lucia - in the hot seat

If you read http://www.temposemanaltimor.blogspot.com/ these two are in the hot seat.

Rape: A case for traditional justice

Seems that the Director of the Governance Support Unit, United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT) made serious gaffe in an internal staff meeting recently. Seemingly he was suggesting that sexual assault/rape were crimes that should be dealt with via traditional justice means. Very much against the official UN position. Some people quite rightly were more than a little annoyed. Oh well give him his due he did apologise, which was the right thing to due. Perhaps it was just a gaffe. Oh well it is good to know UNMIT has experts to help guide TL on its way into the future.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Joint Mission Analysis....

The most useless UN document ever? (download it!)

October 13, 2008 Richard Gowan More on
Asia, Conflict and security, Off topic, Terrorism

I have read some useless UN documents in my time. Few, if any, match “The Crocodile Threat in Timor-Leste”, prepared by the Joint Mission Analysis Cell (the UN intelligence unit) in Dili. This 1,400-word document (”not a definitive report on the subject”) was drawn up in September but is unavailable to the public. This is a pity, as while parts of it (”Legend of East Timor: Crocodile Story”) have been cut-and-paste from the Lonely Planet, it contains some - er - explosive prose…

The larger the animal grows, the greater the variety of animals it includes in its diet. Capable of explosive bursts of speed when launching an attack from the water, many species of crocodile are also capable of fast land-movement. Many crocodiles are capable of explosive charges that can carry them nearly as fast as a running human.

That’s got me, and presumably a whole lot of UN staffers, worried. What to do?

There is a sensitive flap in a crocodile’s throat, known as the glottis, which they use for breathing. As a result, as with some other predators, forcing the arm into the throat may encourage release, although this is not certain by any means and may instead lead to the arm being severed.

Any less risky options available?

The eyes of a crocodile are weak sensitive areas, with several attacks on humans being foiled by poking and gauging (sic) the eyes.

Right, I’m not convinced by that one either. The use of force basically looks like non-starter. But fear not, the UN has an answer: monitor the situation!

There is a real danger for UNMIT personnel swimming in waters around Timor-Leste of being attacked by a crocodile. Fatal attacks on humans have and continue to occur in the waters of Timor-Leste. Some areas are more risky than others, but all areas have the potential for crocodiles to be present. Crocodiles are just as likely to be present in clear water as in murky water. Due to the stealthy nature of the crocodile, visual sightings of a crocodile may not occur prior to an attack. All personnel engaging in swimming in the ocean and positioned close to the waters edge, especially at night, should be aware of the risk of crocodiles and always maintain constant vigilance.

Yep, read those last two lines over again and put them into English: you won’t see the crocodile coming, but you should watch out for it anyway! Pure, pure UN…

Police Business: or is it "Police in Business"?

As reported by the Suara Timor Lorosae on 15 Outober 2008: Seems that PNTL in Suai have cut down and stolen 1000 trunks of teak trees in Fohorem subdistrict (see map below this).

That is alot of teak. Enterprising people these PNTL officers, if indeed the allegations are true.

The report states that representatives of the the community on whose land this teak used to be apparently met with PD Members of Parliament Vital dos Santos and Adriano Nasicamento with a view to seeking a resolution to the case of the business minded police officers. I wonder if police in question were ordinary PNTL of if they were UPF who "manage" the border. Fohorem is near a UPF post so maybe it was them - espcially seeing as the allegation is that the teak was then smuggled and sold across the border. Ah smuggling. The good days. At least these UPF are not handing out there guns. Or maybe the deal was teak in exchange for guns. That would hardly not be a new idea.

Either way Fohorem is a very long way from the long arm of the law - especially if it is the law itself whose behaviour is being called into disrepute. I guess it is good business, or is it just police business.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A True Revolution

There is now a new blog out.

It is an online Version of the Tempo Semanal.


Frontal assault journalism..... Whoa.

It seems that the Minister of Justice gave contracts on prison guard uniforms, and Becora prison rehabilitation to friends AND even herself, and this just a week after her husband caught out with $3.5 million letter of credit from the Government in order to perform on a Government contract......?? See
http://temposemanaltimor.blogspot.com/2008/10/mina-edtl-guvernu-hili-presu-pualaka.html to read all about it.

Who are these people. See
http://thediliinsider.blogspot.com/2008/08/back-in-good-old-days.html for a little background.

Amusing thing is that the Grand Old Man of PSD is very upset with one of his most senior most ministers in Goverment allegedly becoming a common criminal... Minister of Justice no less.

Hats off to the press. Seems the media has made a big jump.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Calling Government


List of Members of the IV Constitutional Government & Mobile Numbers

1. Prime Minister Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão 723 0014
2. Deputy Prime Minister José Luis Guterres 723 0015
3. Minister for Foreign Affairs Zacarias Albano da Costa 723 0016
4. Minister of Finance Emília Pires 723 0017
5. Minister of Justice Lúcia Lobato 723 0019
6. Minister of Health Nelson Martins 723 0020
7. Minister of Education João Câncio Freitas 723 0021
8. Minister of State Administration and Territorial Ordering Arcângelo Leite 723 0023
9. Minister of Economy and Development João Gonçalves 723 0024
10.Minister of Social Solidarity (to be sworn in at a later date) 723 0025
11.Minister of Infrastructure Pedro Lay 723 0026
12.Minister of Tourism, Commerce and Industry Gil da Costa Alves 723 0027
13.Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries 723 0028
14.Vice Minister of Education Paulo Assis Belo 723 0029
15.Vice Minister of Health (to be sworn in at a later date) 723 0030
16.Vice Minister of Economy and Development Rui Manuel Hanjam 723 0031
17.Sec. of State for the Council of Ministers Hermenegildo Pereira 723 0011
18.Sec. of State for Natural Resources Alfredo Pires 723 0033
19. Sec. of State for Youth (to be sworn in at a later date) 723 0034
20. Sec. of State for Profesisonal Training and Employment Benedito Freitas 723 0035
21. Sec. of State for the Promotion of Equality (to be sworn in at a later date) 723 0036
22. Sec. of State for Defense Júlio Tomás Pinto 723 0037
23. Sec. of State for Security Francisco Guterres 723 0038
24. Sec. of State for Culture Virgílio Smith 723 0039
25. Sec. of State for Rural Development and Cooperatives 723 0040
26. Sec. of State for the Autonomous Region of Oecusse Jorge Teme 723 0041
27. Sec. of State for Administrative Reform Florindo Pereira 723 0043
28. Sec. of State for Public Works 723 0047
29. Sec. of State for Transport, Equipament and Communications (to be sworn in at a later date) 723 0048
30. Sec. of State for Electricity, Water and Urbanization Januário Pereira 723 0049
31. Sec. of State for Agriculture and Arboriculture Marcos da Cruz 723 0052
32. Sec. of State for Environment and Reforestation 723 0060
33. Sec. of State for Social Assistance and Natural Disasters (to be sworn in at a later date) 723 0065
34. Sec. of State for the Affairs of the Former Combatants of
the National Liberation (to be sworn in at a later date) 723 0080
35. Sec. of State for Social Security Vítor da Costa 723 0082
36. Sec. of State for Internacional Cooperation (to be sworn in at a later date) 723 0083
37. Sec. of State for Migration and Communities in the Diaspora (to be sworn in at a later date) 723 0085
38. Sec. of State for Energy Policy Avelino Maria Coelho da Silva 723 0086
39. Sec. of State for Tourism (to be sworn in at a later date) 723 0088
40. Sec. of State for Commerce and Industry (to be sworn in at a later date) 723 0089

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Plonk. Tolu Millaun Tan. Haan Foz Foz Foz.....

So another $3 or 4 million dollars of rice is about to be consumed. Sound political strategy or forward thinking development policy? Is this part of the Thai adventure? http://thediliinsider.blogspot.com/2008/09/what-lies-between-dili-and-bangkok-sea.html

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"I'm Back: and I'm Free": Rai Los

Seems that Vicente da Conceicao (Railos) got back from his medical holiday in Indonesia. Surprised? Anyway he seems to have got back 5 days ago and is now in Liquica, and shows little inclination towards going back his cell in Becora as he awaits trial....

I wander if he got another Guia de Marca

Kilat Musan nain 2000.

For those who cannot read Tetun.

To Miquel De Deus Chief of the Armazem

Despatch 2000 more bullets for long arms for border patrol unit in Bobonaro for delivery tomorrow 29 February 2006

From: Paulo Martins, General Commander, PNTL

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not Good: Dating and Drugs


03/10/2008 15:59



Subject - Possible Presence of 'date rape' type drugs in Dili.

Staff should be aware of the possible presence of 'date rape' type drugs in Dili. Given such a threat, we need to look after ourselves and colleagues when socializing in locations such as nightclubs and bar environments. Staff are further reminded that they should not be associated in any manner with those establishments that are off-limit locations.

UN Security-------------------------------

Sunday, October 5, 2008

MPs. Parliamentary or Uniformed?

So there is some building going on across from our favourite first lady's front for women's assistance in Quintal Bot.

It would seem that it has been decided to build a base for the Military Police in the centre of Dili. What a jolly good idea. So that when ISF leave we can trust upon the MPs to keep us secure from the PNTL.

Did you know the commander of the MPs is named Abel Ximenes - but is known as "Niki", or bat.

Batman to the rescue?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Extracts - JINGO

Joint NGO Safety Office
Weekly Report # 51
For Period 24 - 01 September 2008

Overall Security Situation

The overall security situation in Timor Leste is quiet and generally calm.

Dili has generally been quiet and without serious incident. The media reported on discontent within the PNTL over the possibility that a new Police Commander may be selected in the near future. According to the report an unnamed and undated flyer has been circulated within PNTL which demanded the new commander be a Westerner along with some inflammatory ethnic rhetoric.


Baucau Trial

There have been no further developments in relation to this issue.

Fretilin Peace March

There have been no further developments in relation to this issue.

Political Commentary on Presence of International Security Forces

During his speech before the UN General Assembly, President Ramos Horta expressed his gratitude and support to the UN mission, UNPol and the ISF for their work in supporting the Government of Timor Leste.

PNTL Per Diem

In the wake of both the discontent amongst PNTL reported in the media and the small “protest” outside Caicoli Police station last week, it has been reported that the Government is in the process of paying the outstanding per diem payments to the aggrieved officers.

PNTL Commander

The Australian media reported this week on an anonymous flyer that was being distributed around the PNTL. The flyer claimed to represent Western police officers and demanded that the next Police Commander, due to be selected in November, be a Loromonu. In an interview with ABC news the Secretary of State for Security, Francisco Guterres said that he did believed that the flyer was the work of a limited number of PNTL who are unhappy with a recent change in the promotions system in PNTL (which will favour meritocratic rather than time-served advancement).

Rai Los Trial

The trial of Rai Los was due to start this week but has been suspended until January. Rai Los himself was due to return to the country on the 30th October but this has not yet been confirmed.

Military Operations

An armed F-FDTL reconnaissance team travelled to Bobonaro and Cova Lima this week in order to make an assessment of police tasks, deployments and structures along the border in preparation for a possible deployment of F-FDTL in support of the Border Police Unit (BPU). The nature of the support to be provided is not clear i.e. man border posts, patrolling, reserve unit etc. It is estimated that the deployment may not occur for some months.


Return Operations

No dates have been set for return operations to begin at Taci Tolu, Cannosa Balide and Igreja Balide camps. Return operations for Tibar Turleu IDP Camp begin on 2nd October. Verification of IDPs in Tibar Ismaik has been completed but no date has been set.


There have been no further developments in relation to this issue.

For further information on the humanitarian situation, please refer to the OCHA Humanitarian Update. To be added to the distribution list for this, email Nadia Hadi at hadin@un.org


Dili has remained generally quiet.


The incident reported last week is still under investigation.


NGO staff are advised not to use taxis after dark.

As much as possible staff should use Taxi drivers that are known to them.

NGO staff should be cautious when using taxis during the day and resist any attempts to divert from their route/destination.

Bag Snatching

There have been further reported incidents of bag snatching.

Car Parking

The police continue to enforce the left hand parking rule strictly.


NGO staff should only park on the left side of the road.

Sexual Harassment

In an incident in front of One More Bar at approximately 2200hrs on the 1st October, an international female had just got into her car and shut the door, when a Timorese male opened the car door and touched her. The female then shouted for help and the man ran away. There are reports of a similar incident some weeks ago when a Timorese male ran at an international female outside Dili Beach Hotel when she was waiting for a lift just after dark. The female ran into the hotel and the man then left the area.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Laws laws and more laws. But when will anyone obey the law?






1. Draft-law on Authorisation to Legislate on Criminal Matters (accepted, ready for discussion and voting; will not be submitted to the relevant Commission for previous examination; will follow special process)

2. Parliamentary consideration of Decree Law No. 22/2008 of 16 July on the establishment of the Economic Stabilisation Fund (the consideration having been requested and accepted by the Chair, this semi-political and legislative control mechanism will follow a special process and it shall not undergo prior examination at the relevant Commission)

3. Draft Resolution on the National Parliament’s Budget (to be presented)

4. Draft Basic Education Law (ready for discussion and general voting, once the initial consideration phase is over and after the report and opinion of the competent Commission are presented)

5. Draft-law on Organisation and Functioning of Parliamentary Administration (with the relevant Commission for initial consideration)

6. Draft-law on Weapons (at the Plenary, for specific debate)

7. Draft Resolutions on the Ratification of ILO Conventions Nos. 29 and 182 (with the relevant Commission for consideration)

8. Government interpellation over the Execution of the State Budget for the 2007 Transitional Period (requested by FRETILIN Parliamentary Bench; matter submitted to the Parliamentary Leaders Conference in due time; SAPLEN prepared debate guide proposal and it is now for the interpellants to decide whether the initiative remains valid or not)

9. Draft Resolution on the Arrangement on Traditional Border Crossing and Regulated Markets between Timor-Leste and Indonesia (with the relevant Commission for consideration)

10. Draft-law on Protection of Witnesses (with the relevant Commission for initial consideration)

11. Draft-law amending the Civil Service Law (with the relevant Commission for initial consideration)

12. Draft Deliberation on the Indicative Calendar of the Meetings of the Commissions (presented and scheduled for debate, which has never been finalised; to be scheduled again should there be an interest. Some Members of Parliament have suggested during plenary meetings and Leaders Conferences to consider the possible reduction of the number of standing specialised commissions)

13. Draft-law on the remuneration of Members of the National Electoral Commission (prepared by an adviser and submitted to the Chair; awaiting decision on the initiative to be presented; it is obviously open for subscription by interested Members of Parliament)

Other legislations not included in the list but nevertheless expected to be discussed include:

· Military Service draft-law (currently under debate in the Council of Ministers)
· National Security draft-law (currently being revised; to be submitted to the Council of Ministers soon)
· A bill amending the law on pensions for former MPs and former office holders (proposed by PSD MP Fernando Gusmão, amongst others)
· CAVR Resolution (proposed by PUN MPs amongst others)

* Information note prepared by the Serviço de Apoio ao Plenário (Plenary Support Service) in accordance with the order of priorities for scheduling matters as fixed, on an indicative basis, by the Conference of the Representatives of the Parliamentary Benches on their meeting of 15 September 2008.