Friday, October 17, 2008

Tafui & Tres Amigos: Oil and Rice: Confusion: or Smoke and Mirror?

Some time ago there was a polemic about a sole source 14 million rice contract to a political ally of the PM. See the contract here

In response to his critics the PM attacked FRETILIN sole source contracting - including from fuel from Tafui Oil.
Then there was some back and forth on whether or not to honour a contract with Tafui. Seemingly the Minister of Finance elected not to pay. There was a court case which Tafui might have won, but the Govt is appealing. Seems the Govt owe Tafui $1.7 million but reportedly do not want to pay as it was a FRETILIN contract.
All very confusing really when one looks at the Government Purchase order with Tafui as above which was signed by the PM himself last November. Some months after his government came to power. It is in fact and AMP contract and not a FRETILIN contract.
Confused? You should be. What really is the truth? Read the Purchase Order. Ask a few questions and make up your own mind. But it is alot of public money.
Then again were Tafui watering down the diesal as the Government reportedly alleges. Either way it is all being done and sorted on the quiet - with public money. Not good.