Thursday, October 23, 2008

Club Med - Tasi Tolu?

So Club Med comes to Tasi Tolu? Or is it just another bogus deal? Or is Club Med a bad idea anyway?

This past weekend on TVTL it was announced that a Malaysian company call Sutera Harbour have presented to the government a plan and schedule to build a 5 star hotel in the lake of Tasi Tolu, and a new Parliament in 2009.

Seems the owner of Sutera Mr. Datuk Ong has friends in Government. Wonder who?

Tasi Tolu has water and power problems. Is the idea feasable? Will the residents get jobs? Were they asked? What happens to power and water supply for residents. Get better or wrose?

I wonder how the hotel guests will feel sitting next to F-FDTL? Or will F-FDTL be moved to better place?

Finally – who owns the land anyway?