Sunday, October 18, 2009

Raid a Brothel. Nada.....


The above video grab is from that wonderful Tempo Semanal Internet Exclusive dated 9 October 2009.  In which video is shown of the PNTL raid on brothels in Dili which the Tempo Semanal reported on during the 8 October 2009, seemingly just hours after the events.

The video grab shows the business registration certificate for the owner of the Nada bar, which Tempo Semanal describes as being:

"notorious in Dili for being a place where prostitution is carried out. Despite this, the Government continues to issue business registration permits to the owners. The situation at NADA Bar is so well known that even the Church has raised its concerns with the Government".

Look closely at the video grab and you will see the business registration is under the name of a certain Nani Kurniasih.  One has to wonder who Nani is friends with in Government, or even the police, to be able to operate with seeming ease for so long. 

Tempo Semanal says that UNMIT staff were even on the grounds.....  One of the videos shows the Moon Bar, and apparently shows what might be an UNMIT staff member in a VIP room.  View the video here.....