Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chinese Junk

Sent in by a reader:

"This is an example of standards for decommissioned generators in China. You can clearly see that decommissioned generators (such as the ones purchased by the Government in Guandong Province) cannot be used to generate power for domestic areas.

Perhaps the Parliamentarians should read through some of the reports mentioned in this letter, who knows perhaps they might find the Sulzers and the PC4 decommissioned generators that CNI22 purchased.

The pertinent part of the translation is: "....same set of facilities have been confirm decommissioning and suspended by National and Province."   Further that in relation to the equipment in question, referred to as "abandoned decommissioned generator", "The successful bidder shall not reinstall the machine and its facilities or generate electricity in domestic area."

It seems scrap metal in China was deemed good enough to bring over to Timor-Leste, just as we and NGO's have been saying.