Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oscar: Victim 1999

This is the grave/memorial built by a mother and father to there 20 year old son who was killed by Sakunar Militia in Padiae Oecusse in September 1999.  The killer lives within 20 kilometres of the family house just on the other side of the border.

His name was Oscar.  His killer has never been brought to justice.  Oscar died bleeding to death on the ground surrounded by enemies, but his voice carried far enough so his friends could hear his last words before he passed away.

His last words are engraved on the memorial.  They read as follows.

"Words from Oscar.  
I can die so Timor-Leste can become independent

I do not play with this Independence, even though my flesh bleeds, so that my siblings and cousins can get this Independence."

There are thousands of such vignettes in Timor-Leste, Oscar was lucky enough to has his last words heard by friends, and his parents be able to know what they were.  They remain proud of him and his sacrifice, but infuriated and deeply frustrated at the lack of justice for the crime committed against their son.