Thursday, September 24, 2009

Yacobus Bere - Maternus Bere

Yacobus Bere formerly a Laksaur militia man is free man.

He was convicted in November 2001 in Indonesia for the killing of New Zealander Private Manning (UNPKF) during a militia incursion in a Cova Lima border area in July 2000. He resides in the village of Laktutus just 2km from the Fatumean border. His commander was Egidio Manek and who was was intimately involved in the planning of his attack that killed Manning. Manning's body was badly mutilated. Manek stole the young girl Alola as a warbride. Manek was also Maternus Bere's Commander.

They all played a role in the Suai Church Massacre - see the video here.

Is Yacobus related to Maternus Bere? Maternus resides in Raihenek Oan/Noanfalus, Belu, West Timor - not far from where Yacobus is. Before becoming Kecamatan Sub Secetary in NTT government was employed as a functionary at the TNI border post at the Salele/Metamauk junction point.

Wonder if Maternus played a role in the Killing of Private Manning? What would the Government of New Zealand have to say about things then?