Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Indonesian Press on Maternus "Motorus" Bere

Maternus Bere [Motornus]
Laksaur subdistrict militia commander, Suai
KPP HAM mentioned Maternus (there named Motornus) in the executive summary of its report for his involvement in the Suai church massacre of 6 September 1999. The Indonesian Attorney General's Department initially listed him as well, for helping Lt Sugito dispose of bodies, but then dropped him and some others from the list to be prosecuted in April 2001 'because we haven't been able to find them.'[1]
On 28 February 2003 Maternus Bere was indicted before the Dili special panel for crimes against humanity over his role in the Suai church massacre, in numerous cases of murder, disappearance and torture, and in the mass deportation after the ballot result was announced. Indicted with him was his superior, Laksaur commander Igidio Manek and 12 others � further details are there.
He should not be confused with Martinus Bere, who was like him a teacher in Suai originally from Belu district in West Timor.