Thursday, August 20, 2009

More UnPol Comedy

UNMIT UN Police Confidential Report February 2007.

Amusing in its various inaccuracies and comic impressions. No wonder UNPOL are an almost complete failure.

Whatever happened to this case? "In another gang clash in Hudilaran on the same date, PSHT was able to kill Christovao Buenavides a 77 gang member."

But we will never know - "This document is provided for UNMIT UNPol personnel only. It is not for dissemination to any other agency or non- UNMIT UNPol personnel. It is NOT TO BE PRINTED under any circumstances. If you wish to disseminate any information contained in this report, authorisation MUST be sought from Chief of UNPol SID."

Seem UNPOL does not like to share with the rest of the UN. Hmmpgh.