Monday, August 17, 2009

10 Years Later; Gotchya!

Ten years ago Martenus Bere was being a very bad man in Suai. He has lived just across the border in West Timor ever since. Just 12 kilometres from where he is accused of committing Crimes Against Humanity. A few days ago he came across the border and was arrested. in just 2 weeks Timor will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the 30 August vote which saw Timor gain its freedom. Will they put Bere on trial? Or just let him go?

"Should it he stay or should he go now, if he stays it will be trouble, if he goes it will be double."

Indonesia have asked for his return.... we wonder if people will allow a senior Commander of Laksaur militia to just walk away? He was after all connected to Suai Church massacre...