Friday, August 21, 2009

Julio 1 - Atul/UNMIT 0.1

An annoyed, apparent UNMIT staffer, punches back at Julio Pinto (Sec State Defence).

See bottom of page at

"I myself have requested them to provide training to the F-FDTL in terms of Peacekeeping Forces, but so far no plan has been submitted to us."

Unless I have missed out something but when an institution requests for help, in this case, 'to provide training to the F-FDTL', it is the interested institution, in this case The Department of State and Security, under Mr Pinto tutelage, that should submit a plan, perhaps in conjuction with F-FDTL and even through the government and not UNMIT!

What a luxury! "Beggars have the ultimate right to choose". A Department request for help and demand that the donor institution submit a plan!

A constructive suggestion: What about if the Secretary of State and Security put forward a specific plan and submit it to the UNMIT?

Good luck!"