Thursday, April 30, 2009

$250 million and Datuk Edward Ong

So we keep reading about this new hotel, casino cum Parliament that is supposed to float in an environmentally friendly way atop the Tasi Tolu lakes...

As reported by Kyodo "Edward Ong, told Kyodo News that he will invest about US$250 million to build the resort on a sprawling site in Dili. A basic agreement for the project was signed between Ong and East Timorese government officials recently. The resort, expected to be completed by 2012, will boast a five-star hotel with about 350 rooms, a 27-hole golf course set amid lakes, and a business park."

Where is the above mentioned agreement? What happens to the thousands of people who live in Tasi Tolu - land appropriation? Hotel/Casino and a new Parliament? How strange.

Another account confirms it will have 350 rooms. Want to find out the truth just call the man who is claiming he is going to invest the $250 million. Below is his calling card, obtained in Dili.