Sunday, April 26, 2009

The $219,765 / annum "Special Parliamentary Liaison Adviser"

Well if you read the recent Tempo Semanal release here and the coverage in the Australian here, you will be able to read about the $219,765 / annum "Special Parliamentary Liaison Adviser".

A closer look at the documents show us some interesting things. The contract for $12,800.00USD/month for 12 months also includes:
  1. $3,000.00 for travel
  2. $1,000.00 for travel expenses
  3. $2,200.00/month (total $26,400) for living allowance. (It is hard to live on $153,600.00 tax free in Timor)
  4. incredibly a further $28,800.00 to be able to pay off taxes?!
  5. and some other stuff for an additional $10,965.00
  6. $219,765 in total.
Not bad for someone who apparently never finished University. University was always over rated anyway. But the Adviser is a long time friend of the Minister. BJF - "Bachelor of Job's for Friends"?

Interestingly, the contract expires in less than 90 days on 15 July 2009. So $135,000.00 is already in pocket. But will it be extended?