Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So there was a Man from Macau

In fact he is a lawyer.

Name: Paulo dos Remedios.

He came to Timor-Leste in 2006. On arrival he acted as legal counsel to the disgraced and convicted criminal former Minister of Interior Rogerio Tiago Lobato.

Some how that role morphed into a acting as lawyer to the late and equally disgraced Alfredo Reinado Alves.

Then in another amazing act of chamelon like behaviour he became legal adviser to President Ramos-Horta.

Additionally, he is a businessman. He is is the owner of 2006/2007 constructed Hotel California in reportedly protected land in the Meti Aut area of Dili.

Finally, and here is a drum roll, there are even some reports on the ground that he has allegedly been banned from practising law in both Portugal and Macau.
Who knows - but wierd.