Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Missing weapons? Well missing for some, but not for all.

These photos sent in to The Dili Insider by three different readers in the last ten days.

Apparently, but not certainly, taken in the mountains of Aileu, they picture three juvenile young Timorese men posing with a F2000 machine gun and Glock handgun. One reader suggested these were taken in 2007, but it is not certain. It is not clear if these are police officers, as they are police weapons, or if they are merely civilians, showing off in a childish, although symbolic of some mentality, manner.

One reader even went so far as to say "Check out these guys.... The guy alone is apparently Paulo Martins' son but I can't confirm it. He is on facebook."

Facebook.... Swimming or motorcycle goggles and a submachine gun. Stylish.