Monday, July 13, 2009

Balibo 1975 or 2008?

Balibo: great movie.

But they smoke LA cigarettes in those days, as seen on left hand side of table? And it seems unlikley Aquase bottled water and Snowman V.1 roller point pens were around in 1975 too. But go and watch.

One day after post DI admits to getting it wrong. Cannot be right all the time: But we try.

From a reader: Yes. LA's and Aquase are available in those days, i.e. "the present day". This is a still from scene where Juliana tells her story to the CAVR interviewer, which obviously takes somewhere in the present day.

From another reader: The scene you feature is at the beginning of the film, which is set in the
present day, when Juliana is being interviewed. Of course, it's fun to look out for anachronisms in films like this, but I couldn't really see any in this one. It was handy that there were still left hand drive jeeps around, as Portuguese Timor drove on the right, although there is a 'keep left' sign in one scene. I was one of the first people to have seen the film in the UK, as I had the chance to go to a preview - I hope it fares better in cinemas worldwide than 'Answered by Fire' did on TV.

From another reader: Isn't this the part of the film where Juliana is back to Timor-Leste now, after independence? I think this part is were Juliana goes for the interview with CAVR comisao de amizade e verdade.