Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vicente "Rai Los" da Conceicao - from Gunman to Contractor

Well the Insider has been told that former Rogerio Lobato inspired gunman, turned Xanana Gusmao stooge, Rai Los, has apparently rehabilitated his reputation. After receiving a large number of weapons from Rogerio Lobato, and then having masterminded the attack on the F-FDTL in Tibar 22-25 May 2006 Rai Los turned sides and aligned himself with Xanana Gusmao - sensing which way the wind was blowing. Then having represented Horta and CNRT in the elections in Liquica in 2007 Rai Los must have felt betrayed when he ended up being arrested in late 2007 for his 2006 crimes. But not to worry, after 8 months, he was allowed to go to Surabaya for an extended period of time this year for treatment relating to some trying "ailments". Recently, Rai Los returned, went straight past gaol to the PM's office for a meeting and then a quiet retreat to his Liquica hideaway. It seems that no sign of due process is ever to be followed from here on in with regards to 2006 adventures.

------ and now it seems that
"Gunman" Rai Los, turned "Prisoner" Rai Los, turned "Surabaya Out-Patient" Rai Los might now become "Contractor" Rai Los. Some people are suggesting Rai Los has recently been awarded an irrigation works project in Liquica worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Insider supposes this means the plan to flee to Thailand is off. Or perhaps it might still come true once a bank account is padded.