Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Prabowo - a Smiling Killer

Prabowo hugs Lere - in Tommy Winata's Borobodur Hotel in Jakarta.

No one should be that surpised that the long awaited review of the CAVR report by the Timorese National Parliament was cancelled again, in the run up to this historic meeting.

Prabowo was a killer as a young man.

Now he tries to fashion himself a smooth politician. Compare his political machine website with the Wikileaks history of the man at and make up your own mind.

To read about the 27 year old Prabowo's role in the killing of Nicolau Lobato in 1978 click here.

Fantasy merges into reality and a modern day Presidential candidate.

It really is a great shame that the Timorese leaderships feels that they have go these lengths to keep the Indonesian establishment benign.