Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Water Park: Pro poor, rural development.

From a reader:

"Regarding the water park mentioned in the Sutera video (which I can't download or watch, given abysmal Timor Telecom internet speeds), you might be interested that it will be built with $7 million of Timor-Leste's money. The MTCI capital budget for 2010 has $4m for this project, with more to come.

Given the rate at which sewage and waste is being dumped into the sea near Tasi-Tolu, which will get worse once Sutera starts building, perhaps the water park will be only place safe to swim!"

This above quote is from pg 247 of Book of the Proposed National Budget for the MTCI (Ministry of Tourism Commerce and Industry) for 2010.

Full pages 246 and 247 as below.

 This is an interesting use of funds seeing as the total personal income tax revenue projection for the entire country in 2010 is $500,000 less than this allotment for a water park for rich people in Dili to play in.  

 Pro poor, rural development, indeed.