Monday, June 15, 2009

Dragon in Timor?

Thoughts on China and Timor from a graduate of Peoples Liberation Army National Defense University (PLANDU).


"China strongly opposed the opening of a Taiwanese Trade and Cultural exchange office in Dili and aggressively moved to bar an unofficial Taiwanese delegation from visiting the country in early 2006".

"Chinese companies are interested in exploiting Timor-Leste’s rich natural resources, particularly oil and gas"

"In 2006, intermediaries for PetroChina told the Timorese authorities that the company would be willing to exploit the onshore oil fields if the Dili government were to grant the Chinese exclusivity rights to the exploitation of all oil and natural gas resources found onshore."

“China is willing to assist Timor-Leste in any way beneficial to the government and people of this country. If the Timorese believe that a refinery is in their best interest, we shall study their request carefully and respond in the spirit of friendship and solidarity to the mutual
benefit of our brotherly nations”

"The resulting domestic and international criticism of the government’s decision [to buy Chinese patrols boats] makes it rather unlikely that the government will make any major weapons purchases from the PRC in the near future"